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  • In today’s world a corporate website is a gateway between a company and its prospects, customers and other stakeholders and a reflection of a company’s unique style and desired image in the marketplace. A website which is created professionally serves as a unique source of information about your company. 

  • The translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents is a specialized business that requires professional knowledge, uncompromised levels of accuracy and timely delivery. 

  • Would you risk your customer relationships, your integrity and your brand identity to poor translations? Poor and/or inaccurate translations of commercial agreements, distributorship contracts, and joint venture agreements and ....

  • Technical translations require not only a skilled linguist, but also a translator with an industry-specific technical background. For this reason, A. ISAGIZLI offers technical translation services for ....

  • Simultaneous interpretation means the instantaneous oral reproduction of speech from one language to another.  Simultaneous interpretation is a demanding and highly skilled craft which is frequently used in sales meetings, industry conferences, live programs and broadcasts and press meetings and conferences. 

  • For those occasions where a high quality translation is not enough, and legal validation is required our Translation Agency offers sworn translation services for its clients. Official document translations are translated by our sworn translators. upon request we also undertake Notary Service.

  • We translate your newsletters, marketing brochures, operating manuals or advertising copies without losing your graphical layouts. Our translators can provide documents with original graphics by creating multilingual versions of the originals.

  • A. ISAGIZLI Translation Agency offers proofreading and editing services for previously translated documents when you need to have your documents reviewed by a qualified and professional translator and provide notarized certifications of accuracy.  

  • Legal translation requires very specialized knowledge and we ensure that our wording is exact and ambiguous. Legal translation is one of the most complicated and difficult areas in the field of translation and even a small mistake could be damaging and costly to you or your business entity. 

  • Our services that are provided within the scope of deciphering consist of two stages. The first stage is the presentation of texts to clients after deciphering all types of audio or visual recordings from meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.

  • Consecutive interpretation means relaying a message from one language into another in a sequential manner after the speaker has completed his or her speech or part of it. The speaker should pause at regular intervals to facilitate the conveyance of his or her statements through the interpreter. 

  • A. ISAGIZLI Agency provides translation, proofreading and editing services for a wide range of academic disciplines. Our team of experienced translators consists of academicians and doctoral students in various disciplines including...

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items